How hard is it to assemble or construct?

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The Morrifield Tunnelhouse comes partly assembled to your door. The ends are all framed up. The door and window has film in it and are complete. With the following instructions the rest is easy.

You will need the following tools:

  • Sledge Hammer
  • Hammer
  • Level
  • Craft Knife
  • Screw Driver
  • Socket Wrench

Phase 1.

Drive 2 100mm nails into each corner to fasten. N.B. drive nails 50mm below top runner to avoid driving thru alloy hoop.

Nail in diagonal brace blocks on inside of base and fix pryde nails on the outside

Square frame by measuring diagonally from corner to corner and adjust accordingly.

Drive pegs until flush with top of base and nail securely to same.

Phase 2.

Screw bushes into end arches (2.4 unit has short brushes one end)

Place loose hoops into holes provided and ensure roof vent holes face each other.

Phase 3.

Open out cover along length of framing (Caution: Do not attempt to place cover over framing with wind of any consequence prevailing as it can become easily inflated and uncontrolled until firmly fastened down). Ensure that cover is right side out (welded flanges inside). With person each end feed cover over hoops gently.

Phase 4.

Place wooden battens (25 mm x 10 mm) in bottom sleeves and nail with 50mm nails every 500mm along timber flush with the top. Leave door end batten on brace side of door.

Phase 5.

Take scissors or sharp knife and cut down middle of door opening, step inside and put 1 metre batten in bottom sleeve, brace side and roll tight and nail flat on inside of bottom door channel.

Disassemble roof vent (4 wingnuts and bolts). Place cradle between hoops with fittings provided.

Phase 6.

With person each end carefully put 1st alloy tube onto tower bushes first. Work slowly along winding in screws, once through tube hold tight to hoop and proceed to wind up tight.

Phase 7.

Cut out door section (refer diagram), pull up excess flap and put top P.V.C. capping, then side cappings, Trim about 30mm from edge of moulding.

Phase 8.

Place top door track into position with bolts and wingnuts. Slide in door and replace top screw.

Phase 9.

Rear Awning Vent trim out opening as for door. (Cut diagonally from corners and fold around edge. Clamp with capping). Open friction stays and fix to frame with 10mm screws. Screw handle on.

Phase 10.

Congratulations!!! You have successfully built your Morrifield Growing Tunnel.