The greenhouse is lovely. Thanks you so much. It coped with the high winds we have here. We expect lots of terrific tomatoes.
Andrew, Christchurch

Hi Morrifield team,
Just want to say thank you and I am very happy with my tunnelhouse. My hubby thought we should lay a concrete edge and bolt it down as we get some fairly good winds. Here, so we have, i have my first lot of veges in and have great plans for winter.

Just a quick note to say I am so pleased with the Morrifield tunnelhouse. I’m in Reefton, we don’t get snow very often but even with this heavy fall (3 inches or so) I am thrilled with the warmth that can be felt in the tunnelhouse, to anyone looking for one.
Donna M, Reefton

A great product, the missus is happy, and a bumper crop of tomatoes!
John, Wanaka

Fantastic product, I love my tunnelhouse and it is so nice having fresh veges/ fruit, I’m still getting strawberries in April! Amazing, highly recommend. Thanks Morrifield
Tina, Invercargill

I have four 8m x 2m tunnelhouses and absolutely love them! They extend my growing season in an area where we get very late and early frosts. They are very tough and durable and have held up extremely well in the strong winds that have blown down across the valley from Lake Hawea. Since we got our tunnelhouses we have noticed them popping up like mushrooms in the area. Pretty much every house around us has one now. I cant imagine my vegetable garden without them.
Belinda S, Hawea