How will my Morrifield Tunnelhouse be delivered?
The Morrifield Tunnelhouse comes partly assembled to your door. The ends are all framed up.The door and window has film in it and are complete. We can have the tunnel house delivered to you, or you can pickup – when you purchase we can work out the best option for you.

How hard is it to assemble or construct?
The Morrifield Tunnelhouse comes partly assembled to your door. The ends are all framed up. The door and window has film in it and are complete. With the following instructions the rest is easy. Please read our Tunnel Installation Instructions.

What if I get a hole in the cover?
Small cuts and tears can be repaired with all weather tape. It is virtually the same colour as the cover and effects a tidy repair. When repairing damage it is best to clean the area with Meths inside and out and the tape will adhere much better. You need to patch inside and out where the damage is and this will help strengthen the area.
Contact us to purchase.

What makes a Morrifieldtunnel House so strong? Will they stand strong winds?
The design is virtually the same as in 1980 when they were first produced. It has been time tested in Southland conditions since then and we have sold more than 10,000 units nationwide from Stewart Island to the Far North and also Chatham Islands. Some original Tunnelhouse frames are still in use today. The cover and framework have a factory warranty against faulty manufacturing and the cover has a 4-year warranty against UV breakdown. The life expectancy of the cover would be 7-10 years.The arch gets its strength from the fact it’s one piece. We don’t have any joins because they move and eventually shear off.
Morrifield growing tunnels are extremely strong and will stand against strong winds, if they are securely pegged down at all times. They will also withstand hail and snow. We would recommend a little shelter from the prevailing wind.

Are replacement covers available?
The suns UV rays will eventually breakdown the Tunnelhouse film. It can be removed and a new cover installed relatively easily. Contact us with the size of your Morrifield tunnel house and we can send you out a replacement cover, costs for the covers and parts: See our Replacement Parts & Accessories Page.

  • Urban Junior 1.8m x 2m – ($240.00)
  • Urban Junior 1.8m x 4m – ($360.00)
  • Tunnelhouse 2.35m x 2.5m – ($270.00)
  • Tunnelhouse 2.35m x 4m – ($360.00)
  • Tunnelhouse 2.35m x 5m – ($420.00)
  • Tunnelhouse 2.35m x 6m – ($480.00)
  • Tunnelhouse 2.35m x 8m – ($600.00)
  • Tunnelhouse 2.35m x 10m – ($720.00)

How long will the cover last?
Morrifield growing tunnel covers are made from quality Polygro 200 micron greenhouse film which has a 48 month UV warranty, it usually lasts on average 7-10 years.

Is the timber base supplied?
Yes, The foundation is H4 Tanalised Pinus. Rails and Pegs; No extra foundation is required.We can supply a non treated macrocarpa base if required. Additional base timbers can be provided at an additional cost. This will provide a deeper garden bed and give you a little more height in the tunnelhouse. Please See our Replacement Parts & Accessories Page

Why choose a Morrifield Tunnel House?
Tunnel House Features

  • Your Morrifield Tunnelhouse will also include a tanalised timber base and fixings. Macrocarpa bases are available at an additional cost,please contact for a quote.
  • Prefabricated one piece cover that is already made for your tunnelhouse ready to pull over the structure easily. This ensures an excellent fit and means your cover will be taut with minimal wrinkles in the skin and it is quick and easy to fit. Your cover needs to be tight as otherwise it will damage itself over time.
  • Morrifield Tunnelhouse covers are made from Polygro commercial grade greenhouse film 200 micron. Our covers have a 4 year warranty for UV breakdown and manufacturing, but on average have a life expectancy of 7-10 years. New covers and parts are readily available. Anodised Aluminium frame carries a 4 year warranty against manufacturing defects. The framework is super smooth and does not require framequard tape. The arches will not mark your cover and they will not heat up and wear through the polythene.
  • All our Tunnelhouse models come supplied with roof vent/s in the price of the kitset. Ventilation is a must in a Tunnelhouse as they get extremely hot during summer months.

“Last Monday I ordered a new 5 metre tunnel house from you. It arrived on Wednesday last week.
I want to thank you for the excellent service – we were expecting it to arrive later in the week. Wednesday was a bonus.
We put it up on Friday (a day without wind for a change!). My husband is a mechanic and has also done a lot of engineering work. His comments were that this was the easiest to make up kitset he has ever worked with. The instructions were clear and the sizing and pre drilling of everything was precise.
It all just fitted together so very easily.
We believe in credit where it is due – and your company certainly deserves credit for the quality of your product and your service. The whole process from my first phone call was seamless.”
– Sue

For any further information please phone or email us.